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Feul Managment System
Feul Managment System

Veeder-Root TLS Technician (TLS-450Plus, 450, 4c, 4i and 350R) $1650.00* (4-day class)


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  • This course will be leader-led by Veeder-Root Certified Trainers. This course will provide Authorized Service Contractors with Technician Level certification. This course will prepare a technician to start-up, configure, diagnose and service the TLS Tank Gauge product line TLS-450Plus, TLS4c, TLS4i, TLS-450, and TLS-350R consoles, MAG Probes, Sensors, Business Inventory Reconciliation, In-Tank Testing, and Electronic Line Leak Detection.
  • This course is 4 days of classroom training and hands on labs. The Certified Trainer (CT) will administer the written test on the last day of class. LAB participation and successful LAB exercises will be part of the overall certification score.
  • Pre-requisites:  TLS Installer.  The Installer training is web-based only.


2017-2018 Automatic Tank Gauge Certified Technician Training Program Syllabus
Day 1

  • 1. ATG Theory (180 Mins.)
  • 2. TLS-450Plus Hardware and Installation (120 Mins.)
  • 3. TLS4c and TLs4i Hardware and Installation (120 Mins.)

Day 2

  • 4. Navigation
    a. Home Screen (10 Mins.)
    b. Setup (120 Mins.)
    c. Tank Testing (30 Mins.)
    d. BIR (45 Mins.)
    e. Communications (60 Mins.)
    f. Printer (10 Mins.)
    g. Auto Event (AE) (60 Mins.)
    h. System Administration (20 Mins.

Day 3

  • 5. Diagnostics
    a. BIR/Accu-Chart (60 Mins.)
    b. Devices (30 Mins.)
    c. Tank and CSLD Testing (60 Mins.)
    d. Module and Misc. (30 Mins.)
    e. Line Leak Detection (60Mins.)
    f. Upgrade Registration (30 Mins.)
    g. Upgrade Download (30 Mins.)
  • 6. TLS-450 Migration to TLS-450Plus system (60 Mins.)
  • 7. TLS-450
    a. Hardware (30Mins.)
    b. Installation (30 Mins.)
    c. Navigation (30 Mins.)

TLS-350 Level 2/3 Training
Certified Trainer TLS-350 1 Day Hands on Training – Excludes California CT Program

  • 1. Prerequisite-
    Complete GVR safety class
    TLS Installer certification program
    TLS-3XX Overview- Currently on LMS
    Overview Quiz
    TLS-450Plus certification

Day 4

  • 1. TLS-350 System Hardware Review (PPT)
  • 2. System Navigation
    a. Operator, Setup and Diagnostic (20 Mins.)
    b. Tank Setup-Exercise (10 Mins.)
    c. Tank Testing Setup Exercise- SLD and CSLD (10 Mins.)
    d. Sensor Setup-Exercise (10 Mins.)
  • 3. PLLD
    a. Hardware and Installation requirements (20 Mins.)
    b. Programming (20 Mins.)
    c. Navigation of Diagnostic Screens (20 Mins.)
  • 4. Communication-
    a. TCP/IP Programming (45 Mins.)
    b. Site Fax (15 Mins.)
    c. Auto Alarm Programming (15 Mins.)
  • 5. Business Inventory Reconciliation
    a. Hardware and Installation requirements (20 Mins.)
    b. Programming (15 Mins.)
    c. Navigation of Diagnostic Screens (30 Mins.)
  • 6. Class Review
  • 7. Final Exam

If you would like to take the TLS Recertification course, this course is offered online.  You can order it directly through Veeder-Root:

*Printed manuals are not included in the price of the class.  A printed manual for this class can be purchased when the registration form is sent in for an additional $100.00.

Practical American Saftey Solutions

The new EPA regulations require you to have A, B and C operators for your locations that have Underground Storage Tanks.

Class A & B

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We will provide monthly and annual inspection services as required by your state regulators.  We can also assist you with understanding the requirements to become A & B operators for your state and direct you to training sources.

Class C

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We have an online, state certified service (New Mexico is still pending) where you can have your employees become C certified operators.  We partnered with Practical American Safety Solutions (PASS) who developed this program. The PASS Class C UST Operator Training and Certification Program is designed to meet or exceed all requirements of the 2005 Energy Policy Act (EPAct).

This program is easy to administer, easy to use, available 24 hours a day/7 days a week and is a web based training and certification program.

To sign up your company please either contact your local Eaton Sales and Service office or click on the link below:

The cost of the C certification is $10.00 per person and you can pay by credit card directly from the website.  For other payment options, please call your local Eaton Sales and Service office.


V-R TLS Technician

  • February 17-20
  • May 11-14
  • August 10-13
  • October 19-22

For more information please call Bruno Busnardo at 800-328-6603
or email:

*Schedule is subject to change


Eaton 2020 Training Enrollment Form
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Eaton Training Class Prep & Info
This document will give you valuable information with regards to our training program

V-R TLS Technician Syllabus
This document is a PDF version of the syllabus above

Map To  Our Locations

We are located at 4803 York Street, Denver, CO 80216.
Also, shown below are hotels in the area.

All classes have web-based pre-course work that must be completed prior to coming to class.  Please login to the Gilbarco/V-R training website,, using your technician ID # and password once you have been confirmed for the class.

The TLS Technician Class has a prerequisite of TLS-Installer.  The TLS-Installer training is web-based only.  To get the training, register and pay for the class by clicking here. Payment must be submitted online.

If you do not have a Veeder-Root, Gasboy or Gilbarco Technician ID#,
you must fill out a New Student Form and submit to Veeder-Root.  You can fill out this form and submit by going to


Now Hiring, experienced, manufacture certified, technicians. Now Hiring, experienced, Colorado licensed fuel system installers. Must have clean driving record, pre-employment physical and drug screen required.

Email résumé to

Download and fill out an application: Click Here (Requires Adobe Reader)

Course Instructor

Greg Rodekuhr
Course Instructor

Greg Rodekuhr has experience in the petroleum retail business since 1990. He has worked as a C-Store manager and help desk technician for a major petroleum retailer. Greg also has technical experience installing point of sales registers for MSI/Tokheim. He currently works as a lead field technician and Certified Trainer for Eaton Sales & Service. His factory certifications include Dresser Wayne, Veeder-Root, Red Jacket, Verifone, FE Petro, to name just a few. Greg also holds a Business Administration degree from Minnesota State University. Be assured Greg will impart the knowledge he has gained through his extensive field experience to his classroom students.

Greg instructs the following courses:

  • Veeder-Root TLS Technician