• Annual and monthly UST inspections provided by certified petroleum technicians with several years experience
  • Aboveground storage tank inspections
  • We will provide assistance with your A & B compliance and provide C certifications
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Calibrations for retail stations and vehicle truck meters
  • Site surveys

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Monthly & Annual Inspections

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Sump & Spill Bucket Testing

Eaton Sales & Service has partnered with Leak Detection Technologies to offer DPleak®.  DPleak® is a patented testing method used to test Secondary and Spill Containment Sumps.

DPleak® is EPA certified using a vacuum seal and constant pressure to find leaks rather than the conventional hydrostatic method.

Advantages of using DPleak® include:

  • Waterless Testing Method, No Contaminated Water to Dispose of.
  • Site Remains Operational During Testing.
  • Low Cost and Fast Testing Method.
  • Testing Identifies and Marks Each Location for Repair.
  • The Entire Sump is Tested.
  • All Electrical Connections are also Tested Including Connections Above the Highest Penetration in the Sump.
  • Tank Top Fittings are also Tested.
Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning

Line & Tank Testing

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