Our mission is to anticipate and satisfy the requirements of our customers with highly responsive and cost-effective manufacturing and distribution services of petroleum equipment.

A History of Eaton Sales & Service

Although Eaton Metal Products Company was very active in the petroleum equipment business in the 1950’s, financial challenges in the steel manufacturing business in the 1960’s, caused the company to focus on tanks and special steel fabricated products.

In the early 1980’s, a slow down in the steel manufacturing business, prompted the Company to once again, look to the petroleum equipment industry as a method of expanding the business.  Through a series of acquisitions, startups and internal growth, by the mid to late 1990’s, Eaton Sales & Service (the name trademarked and later corporate name for the petroleum equipment- sales, service and installation company) grew to become one of the largest petroleum equipment sales, service and installation companies in the industry.  Eaton Sales & Service LLC continues to be a leader in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The company made its entry into the petroleum equipment industry (in the 1980’s) as a construction company providing complete turn-key projects to their customers.  This included providing equipment, installation and servicing all products that were sold.  In the mid 1990’s the emphasis began to change more toward service.  There were numerous products from a variety of manufacturers in a fueling facility, that needed to interface (talk to each other).  Complete knowledge and responsibility to maintain the customer’s facility and keep it operational is vital to the customers.  Eaton Sales & Service LLC is one of the industry leaders in servicing the current state-of-the-art petroleum equipment.

With Ten (10) Rocky Mountain locations to serve the marketplace, Eaton provides service for many of the Major Oil Companies, Big Box retailers, Grocery Store Chains and other independent retail/commercial fueling facilities.

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Below are some commonly asked questions that we have gathered.

I am interested in purchasing a fuel/lube storage tank, what is my first step?

Answer: First and foremost, your local Fire Department is the first contact you should make to determine what is required for the area that the tank will be placed.

What type of tanks does Eaton Sales & Service sell?

Answer: We sell a wide range of above and below ground fuel storage tanks, lube tanks, heater tanks and farm tanks. Options may include: Single or Double Wall, Flameshield, Envirovault, Titan, STIP3, Vertical, Horizontal, Skid, Elevated Farm, and many more. Special Fabrication also available, please inquire with one of our Sales Representatives.

I am interested in upgrading my site. Can Eaton Sales & Service do this for me?

Answer: Yes we can! We remodel Commercial Sites as well as Retail sites. Whether it is just adding a tank or replacing Retail Dispensers, we can do it all!

Does Eaton Sales & Service just supply Fueling Equipment?

Answer: Not only do we supply Fueling Equipment, we supply Lube & Lift equipment as well as Full Service and Installation.